On May 1, 2014 by Lori Z

This is a post by JBFC Volunteer Dotty Battel 

The_Freshman_2And who better to provide those laughs for the whole family than the great silent film comic star Harold Lloyd? “Mr. Lloyd could be funny playing an undisturbed mummy.”  (Time Magazine, 1925)

The Freshman is one of Lloyd’s best feature-length comedies.  In it, he plays Harold Lamb, a dorky young man bound for Tate University, where he hopes to make a name for himself.  He tries everything under the sun to be cool, even joining the college football team to impress a girl.  But he’s a laughingstock, until he gets a lucky break.

This film is full of comic antics, slapstick, and sight gags, but it’s loaded with heart too!  For a sneak peak, check out the trailer:

So bring the whole family both this weekend and next!

May 3: 2:30, May 4: 12:30, May 10: 2:30, May 11: 12:30 – Tickets on sale now!

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