The greatest rock star you’ve never heard of

On July 19, 2012 by Jack Railton

Searching for Sugar Man tells the story of a failed, forgotten ’70s rocker who became a huge success halfway around the world during Apartheid-era South Africa.

The film follows two of Rodriguez’s biggest fans, who travel to the U.S. in hopes of finding out what happened to the singer whose anti-establishment message connected with them during the dark days of apartheid. Searching for Sugar Man is a story of hope, inspiration, and the resonating power of music.

Rodriguez will be here on July 19 to discuss the film with New York Times critic Janet Maslin and Filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul! The documentary is a part of our “Sounds of Summer: New Music Documentaries” series.

“A documentary about fandom and freedom, information and misinformation, fleeting fame and everlasting art, it tackles all of these qualities with remarkable ease and – of course – a great soundtrack.” (William Goss, review)

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