Take the Plunge and Dive Right In…

On December 1, 2014 by Lori Z

This is a post by JBFC Volunteer Dotty Battel

Romanian…To “Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema” playing at the Burns December 5-10. The treasure-trove of films selected this year (this is, in fact, the 9th edition of the series) all tell intense personal stories about Romanian identity, both under the oppressive Ceausescu regime and moving on after years of dictatorship.  Whether based on fact or fiction, the six films share “an almost palpable impulse to tell the truth, to present choices, conflicts and accidents without exaggeration or omission.” (A.O. Scott, NY Times)

So just dip your toe in by watching the trailer of I’m an Old Communist Hag and you’ll be hooked!

We are co-presenting “Making Waves” with the Romanian Film Initiative and Mihai Chirilov, one of its founders, or film critic Andrei Rus, will be on hand to introduce every film and host Q&As.

Chirilov will make a splash on Opening Night, Dec 5 at 7:30 with film director Tudor Cristian Jurgiu as his guest after the screening of The Japanese Dog. Reception to follow!

Click here for a full list of films and events, and to purchase tickets!

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