Sugar Man is Sweet

On August 29, 2012 by Lori Z

Rodriguez was the greatest ’70s U.S. rock icon who never was. His albums were critically well-received, but sales bombed, and he faded away into obscurity among rumors of suicide. But in South Africa he was “bigger than Elvis;” a symbol of the anti-establishment movement against apartheid.  After the South African release of his second CD, Coming from Realitytwo fans decide to look into the mystery of how Rodriguez died and what happened to all of the profits from his album sales.

As it turns out, Rodriguez is very much alive and he was in our theater this past July for a live acoustic performance of his song “I Only Have Eyes for You” and a screening of Searching for Sugar ManWe are excited to be screening this wonderful film for a Westchester exclusive run starting Aug. 31. Don’t miss this story that The Chicago Tribune review calls “a valentine to the concept of sweet vindication and an elegantly shaped portrait of a man who nearly was famous, once.” Get your tickets today!


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