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On May 27, 2015 by Lori Z

This is a post by JBFC Volunteer Dotty Battel

Relax and breathe deeply, “The Meditative Life,” a program of inspiring films, is being shown at 7:30 for six consecutive evenings, June 3-8.  The series includes a selection of new docs about Eastern spirituality and the charismatic figures that have brought it to the Western world.

It will certainly be an enlightening 6 days….and here are a couple of highlights:

Monk with a Camera – June 3

You will be amazed and inspired by this riveting film about Nicholas Vreeland, an Ivy League educated son of an American diplomat, grandson of the legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, and a budding photographer who swapped his Nikons and privileged lifestyle for a shaved head and saffron robes, and against all odds, was ordained a Buddhist monk.  “It is….likely the first film to hold equal appeal among fashion buffs and Buddhists alike.” (The Globe and Mail)

Thomas Keating: A rising Tide of Silence – June 4

A Trappist monk, prolific author, and one of the architects of Centering Prayer, Thomas Keating was a key figure in reshaping an ancient monastic tradition for modern day seekers. Filmmaker Peter C. Jones (Keating’s nephew) has created a soulful, reflective portrait of Father Keating’s spiritual journey from an affluent, New York City childhood, to one of today’s most influential spiritual leaders.

Q&A filmmaker Peter C. Jones and JBFC Programming Director Brian Ackerman

Tickets for all films are on sale now!

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