Short and Sweet

On February 8, 2013 by Lori Z

If you’re like me, every year you watch the Oscars excited to see if your favorite film wins Best Picture or your favorite actor or actress takes home a golden statue, but when it comes to the nominated short films you are completely lost. And if you’re like me, it’s not indifference that prevents you from seeing the year’s best short films, but rather the fact that they aren’t screened at your local multiplex.

Luckily, here at the Burns we are showing all the Oscar-nominated short films in the days leading up to the Academy Awards. The Live Action Shorts are screening February 8-14, the Animated Shorts are screening February 8-12, and the Documentary Shorts are screening February 9-10. Check out our new releases page for tickets!

If the nominated shorts aren’t quenching your Oscar thirst, never fear! We have a ton of great Oscar programming leading up to February 24th’s Academy Awards ceremony. Starting Friday, February 15, we are screening all the Best Feature Documentary nominees as well as many of the Best Foreign Film nominees. Tickets will be on sale soon, but here’s a heads up about what we’re showing!

2/15A Royal Affair (Best Foreign Film) 
2/16Searching For Sugar Man (Best Documentary)
2/17How To Survive a Plague (Best Documentary)
2/18The Invisible War (Best Documentary)
2/19Five Broken Cameras (Best Documentary)
2/20Searching for Sugar Man (Best Documentary)
2/21War Witch (Best Foreign Film)
2/22The Gatekeepers (Best Documentary)

Who could possibly know more about the Oscars than an Oscarologist? That’s Mark Harris‘ role at the pop culture blog Grantland, and he is coming to the Burns with Janet Maslin, on February 20 at 7:30, to give his expert opinion on all things Oscar. There will be plenty of clips, history, gossip, and inside info about this year’s slate of Academy Award nominations. Be a part of the fun! Tickets are on sale now.

Finally, if you think you’re an Oscar expert, you’ve seen the films, and read the blogs and new articles, then cast your vote in our first ever JBFC Oscar Ballot! If you correctly guess the winners of all 24 Oscar categories, you could win a $100 JBFC Gift Card! To enter the contest, fill out your ballot here. Good luck and get voting!

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