Rocking in the free world one more time

On July 18, 2012 by Lori Z

Filmmaker Jonathan Demme and musician Neil Young have teamed up again for their third live performance feature in Neil Young Journeys and we will be running the documentary at the JBFC Theater beginning July 27 (check our website for dates and times). The film is one part road trip, back to Young’s Canadian prairie hometown of Omemee, and one part concert footage, recorded in Toronto’s Massey Hall—just Neil and his guitar onstage putting out a huge sound. Part of our series “Sounds of Summer: New Music Documentaries.”

Jonathan Demme recently sat down with Rolling Stone magazine and discussed what inspired him to create a third Neil Young film. “I was struck immediately by the magnitude of the sound in the context of one man, this grizzled maestro with electric guitars and other things, filling up these halls with this amazing music. And I thought, “There’s never been a performance film like that before.” So it became an opportunity to do something completely different from what we’d done before. And maybe we can add this other travel dimension to it. He’s a great artist, a great entertainer, and endlessly desirable to see and hear.”  To read the entire Rolling Stone interview with Jonathan Demme, click here.

Photo: Filmmaker and JBFC Board member Jonathan Demme and musician Neil Young preview their film Neil Young Journeys at the Jacob Burns Film Center Theater. Credit: Lynda Shenkman Curtis

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