Patema Inverted

On September 10, 2014 by Lori Z

This is a post by JBFC Marketing Intern Samantha Caridi

Patema 2Anime fan or not, this film is a must see! Director Yashiro Yoshiura introduces Patema Inverted, a family-friendly animated fable from Japan, brought to life with a storyline like no other.

After a scientific experiment goes absolutely haywire, a subset of humans is forced underground to a newly created world where gravity is inverted. For Patema, the princess of this subterranean world filled with tunnels, caverns, and the sky below her feet, is all she knows. This all changes after she explores the “danger zone” and falls into the sky, which takes her to an unknown, right-side up world. Patema then finds a fatherless boy they try to stick together, holding onto each other with all their might, fighting the opposite pulls of gravity, leaving them able to fly throughout most of the film.

Aside from this unique love story, the gorgeous animation and lovely music make this film one-of-a-kind. When pieced together, this wonderful family film will leave you in awe and possibly turn you into a new anime fan!

Tickets on sale now!

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