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This is a post by JBFC Volunteer Dotty Battel

Hey all you sports fans, you won’t want to miss all the action we’ve cooked up in “We Got Game: Sports on Film,” Jan. 16–Feb. 19.  In addition to 9 dynamic films about athletes from age 7 to 100 (really!), and guest speakers, (including former Mets manager Bobby Valentine), you will have a chance to use your own athletic prowess in golf and table tennis activities in our gallery following the 2 screenings detailed below.

The Short Game

The Short GameJanuary 20, 12:00 & 7:30
Picture it – 1500 of the best seven-year-old golfers from around the world descend on the legendary Pinehurst golf course in North Carolina vying to win the 2012 U.S. Kids Golf World Championship. You will get to know 8 of these young athletes and their families in this fascinating and often funny documentary. And please join us afterwards in the Jane Peck Gallery for kids and grown-up golf activities.

Ping Pong: Never Too Old for GoldJanuary 29, 7:30
It’s remarkable…a sports movie about old people! This inspirational and at times hilarious film follows 8 competitors (85-100!) who assemble for the 80+ age group World Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia of all places. “It is about aging, mortality, friendship, ambition and love. The stories stay with you for hours, weeks, after the credits have rolled.” (The Times, UK). Join us for a Q&A after the film with panelists Will Shortz, owner of Westchester Table Tennis (and New York Times crossword puzzle editor), manager Robert Roberts, and Kai Zhang, 18 and under #1 ranked player in the U.S. Then head upstairs to the Jane Peck gallery to play ping pong!

Check our website for series details and to buy tickets!

Watch the video below to meet 100 year old Australian ping pong legend Dorothy deLow

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