Is it Possible to Pick a Winner?

On February 11, 2015 by Lori Z

This is a post by Abby Popper, JBFC Public Relations

LiveActionI don’t know how they do it – the Oscar judges that is! Watching the Live Action Shorts that the Burns is showing over the next two weeks, you run the gamut of emotions (happy, sad, teary, laughing, thoughtful…you can add your own feelings after viewing) that full length narrative and documentary films evoke and some are only 14 or 15 minutes long. The shorts in the program run from 14 to 39 minutes in length; some in English, others in French, Hebrew, Danish, and Tibetan.

You are in for a special treat seeing and hearing famous British actors Sally Hawkins (Happy-Go-LuckyBlue Jasmine) and Jim Broadbent (he does not appear on screen)(Cloud Atlas, Topsy-Turvy) in the intensely moving film, The Phone Call. You’ll love the chickens that star in Boogaloo and Graham, and your heart will ache for the actress who stars in Parvaneh.

While watching the films, keep in mind that the judging is based on originality, entertainment, and production quality AND if you are having a tough time deciding on who the Oscar will go to (in any category), join us on February 17 at 7:30 pm when “Oscarologist” Mark Harris joins Janet Maslin on stage to discuss the Oscars that will be awarded on February 22.

Tickets for all Oscar Nominated Shorts are on sale now.

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