Is College Worth the Cost?

On August 18, 2014 by Lori Z

This is a post by JBFC Marketing Intern Samantha Caridi

IvoryTowerAs student loan debt in the United States passes the $1 trillion mark, Ivory Tower asks, “Is college still worth the cost?”

Writer, director, and producer Andrew Rossi takes on the challenge of confronting institutions of higher learning, hoping to find the reason behind their recklessly high tuition costs. For hundreds of years, higher education was affordable and available for anyone who wanted to guarantee a brighter future for themselves. Sadly, these days that brighter future may not be so certain.

Ivory Tower shares a number of startling statistics, including, “the cost of education has grown at a rate of 1120% since 1978, which exceeds both the costs of food and health care by a multiple of three or four.” In addition to providing general facts and statistics about higher education, Rossi chose to delve deeper into a handful of schools, hoping to answer this daunting question: “if we do subject ourselves to these immense costs of higher education, can our futures still be a guaranteed success?” Arizona State University is one of the few schools under Rossi’s magnifying glass, which exposes the superfluous amenities universities provide to their enrolled students.

Ivory Tower sheds light on an issue facing most Americans today – is the growing cost of higher education and the years of student loan payments worth it? Decide for yourself on Thursday, September 4 at 7:30 pm, when we screen Ivory Tower here at the Burns followed by a Q&A and reception. Tickets are on sale now!

Ivory Tower is screening as part of “Community Matters,” an ongoing series dedicated to generating discussion and activism around topics that affect us locally, including health, environment, education, housing, and energy. Sponsored by the Westchester Community Foundation.

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