Halloween Movie Marathon

On October 6, 2014 by Lori Z

This is a post by JBFC Programmer Andrew Jupin

Halloween_Marathon2014_miniposterLate October is my favorite time of year – changing leaves, hoodies, playoff baseball, and, of course, Halloween! Yes, Halloween, the holiday where even the most timid of cinephiles takes a chance and screens a horror film. But, no matter how complete your DVD collection is, or the size of your flat screen TV, nothing beats watching horror movies in a theater. It’s the perfect combination only a cinema can offer you: the darkness of the auditorium, the communal screams and nervous laughter from the shared audience experience, and, most importantly, the big screen! Lucky for JBFC audiences, this year we have the perfect event to celebrate this timeless October tradition!

Starting at 10:00 pm on Friday, October 31, we invite you to join us as we screen eight fantastic films* in the After Dark Halloween Marathon! This marathon will be structured the same way our 24 Hour Movie Marathon was a few years back. For those who don’t remember, that means all films will remain a secret – save for a few clues I’ve listed below – until I introduce each one that night. We’ll also be serving coffee and snacks all night – candy is a must, right? – and raffling off some great prizes, including DVD sets and free tickets to future screenings at the JBFC!

Free tickets? Did you read that right? Yes, yes you did. Similar to our last marathon, all guests that complete the entire After Dark Halloween Marathon will receive a free pass to every regular After Dark series screening for an entire year**. On top of that, one of those lucky marathon finalists will also win free tickets to any regular JBFC screening for a whole year! That’s correct, a whole year of free movies at the JBFC***.

Now, about those eight films. Aside from the clues I’ve written below, I can also tell you that two of them are previews of highly anticipated festival favorites, two are gorgeously remastered classics (one in 3D!), another is a rarely screened cult classic (in glorious 35mm!), two are fantastic contemporary titles I’m excited to share with you and another is a cult favorite that will be accompanied by a live comedy commentary by the guys from the popular We Hate Movies podcast!

And here are the clues — care to take any guesses?

1)     One half of a New York-based music duo plays a vampire, his manager, a werewolf.

2)     When it comes to this horror franchise, this particular sequel is not like the others.

3)      Don’t leave the heat on too high in this museum…

4)      The scariest thing here is a red, rubber ball.

5)      Four decades later, you still shouldn’t get the gas station BBQ.

6)      When she asks you to prom, you better say YES.

7)      Zed’s latest gets us lost in the woods — really lost.

8)      This bedtime story literally leaps off the page.

I really hope you can join us on the 31st — there’s no better way to spend Halloween than watching a bunch of movies!

* All films in the marathon are appropriate for persons 16 & up

**Free After Dark tickets are for all regular screenings and Reel Talks

***Free movies are for all regular screenings

And check out our original trailer for the event!

12 Responses to “Halloween Movie Marathon”

  • unknown

    You are all wrong about #7. It’s Willow Creek. Zed is Bobcat’s character in Police Academy.

  • CZCH

    I’ll venture:

    1. What We Do In The Shadows (New/Fest movie)
    2. Halloween 3:Season of the Witch (WHM commentary)
    3. House of Wax 3D (Classic remastered in 3D)
    4. The Changling (35 mm print)
    5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Classic remastered)
    7. Trippin’ (Contemporary Fave)

    Looks like Cody Robinson’s guesses are good, too.

    6. The Loved Ones (Contemporary Fave)
    8. Babadook (New/Fest Movie)

    • Cody Robison

      How did you come up with Trippin’? That one has been a real head scratcher for me (the question that is, not your answer).

      • CZCH

        It was the result of a truly gargantuan web search optimization expedition. However, the answer above from “unknown” looks far better. I can’t argue with that logic.

  • Bob

    I was hoping #2 might be New Nightmare. But maybe that’s not different enough.

    A friend guessed #3 as The Relic. That’d be a left turn.

    Another friend seems convinced #4 is Dark Star. I’d like that a lot more than Changeling.

    I’d really like #8 to be The Maze. It’s 3D, and old enough to be a classic. Plus, it’s from William Cameron Menzies. That’d be neat.

  • Jim Byrne

    Really hope that No. 7 is The Green Inferno!!

  • Jordan Laurent

    1. What We Do In The Shadows
    2. Halloween III: Season of the Witch
    3. House of Wax with Vincent Price
    4. The Changeling
    5. TCM
    6. Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night Two

  • Cody Robison


    1. What We Do In The Shadows (New/fest movie)
    2. Halloween 3:Season of the Witch (WHM commentary)
    3. House of Wax 3D (Classic remastered in 3D)
    4. The Changling (35 mm print)
    5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Classic remastered)
    ….that’s all I can figure out so far. So a new/fest movie and 2 contemporary faves left to figure out.

  • Matt

    1. No Clue
    2.Halloween 3 is the only one that comes to mind.
    3. One of the old Wax Museum horror films, names dont spring to mind, I think Bronson was in one.
    4. Thanks to Google, I’d have to guess Changeling?
    5.Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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