Expect the Unexpected

On September 18, 2014 by Lori Z

This is a post by JBFC Membership and Website Assistant Nicole Testa

myoldladyLife can be full of surprises sometimes. The other morning when I was getting ready, for example, I opened my shower curtain only to find a big, many-legged bug scurrying domineeringly across the tub. I certainly didn’t expect to wake up and find that critter taking up residence amongst my soap dish and shampoo, but that surprise is nothing compared to what Mathias finds in his father’s Parisian apartment in My Old Lady.

My Old Lady begins with an enticing inheritance. Down-on-his-luck Mathias (Kevin Kline) has just arrived in Paris to claim the one thing left to him by his estranged, deceased father: his apartment in Paris. Mathias’ hopeful excitement rapidly changes to confusion when he opens the apartment door to see a woman named Mathilde (Maggie Smith) and her daughter (Kristen Scott Thomas) already living there. It turns out that, due to a strange term in French real-estate known as a “viager,” Mathilde – the original owner of the apartment – is still allowed to live there until she dies, at which point Mathias would finally truly inherit the apartment. Inheriting a ninety-year-old woman was not quite what Mathias had in mind when he boarded a flight to Paris.

And this is only one of many surprises Mathias will encounter.  As the film plays on, mysteries deepen, histories are unearthed, and these characters’ lives interweave and change right before your eyes. Needless to say, it’s much better than finding a bug in your bath tub.

My Old Lady opens at the Burns this Friday, September 19. Purchase tickets here.

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