Eat Locally. Do Good Globally.

On September 6, 2013 by Lori Z

Table Local MarketOn Thursday, September 12, Table Local Market will cater the reception following our Community Matters event, Living with Alzheimer’s.

What makes Table so special? All their food is locally grown and most of their packaging and utensils are plant-based and compostable. It is Table’s goal to connect the community with the farmers that grow its food and to provide a realistic alternative to the industrial food market.

From their website:

Just by shopping at Table Local Market and other farm markets you are participating in a delicious form of revolt and protest against the inequalities created by the conventional system of mass food production which is known to be unhealthy for consumers, farms, and our natural environment. By choosing an alternative form of food and production…you are helping to strengthen a developing local food shed with many related benefits to human and environmental health. Table is here to help each and every customer proudly show your support for responsible consumerism- for your own wellbeing, the local community and the natural world.

What else does Table do to make a difference?

They compost! They are turning the food scraps they toss into more green goods.

They recycle! Not only do they recycle glass, plastic, and metal, Table also partners with customers to reuse their boxes, and they sell their Meadowbrook Milk in reusable glass bottles.

They have green packaging! Most of their packaging and all of their utensils are made from plant-based (not petroleum-based) materials and are biodegradable, a committment which is significantly more expensive, but worth it as it minimizes food and packaging waste.

And finally, they have a newly renovated building! Table made every effort in its renovation to meet the LEED standards, an internationally recognized green-building certification system. Sound familiar? That’s because our Media Arts Lab is a LEED certified building!

We are so excited about our new partnership with Table Local Market and can’t wait for them to cater all our Community Matters events!

If you’re interested in tasting what Table is all about, come to our Living with Alzheimer’s Community Matters event on Thursday, September 12, sponsored by the Westchester Community Foundation. It should be a great night. Tickets are on sale now.

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