{Cinemania Student Critics} Song of the Sea

On March 6, 2015 by Lori Z

Song of the Sea, an Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Feature, is screening at the Burns for two days only, at 3:00 pm on both Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15. Our Cinemania Student Critics visited the JBFC’s Media Arts Lab last week to screen the film. Read what they had to say, below, and get your tickets for Song of the Sea here!

This is a review by JBFC Cinemania Student Critic Caleb Feinstein

CalebSong of the Sea is a beautifully animated film about fairies and selkies, seals that can change into human form, that’s full of adventure and mystery. This enchanting story starts in an Irish lighthouse where Ben and his sister Saoirse grew up with their father. Their mother, who brought Ben up with stories of gods, fairies, and ancient songs of the sea, mysteriously disappears after giving birth to Saoirse. Years later, his grandmother forces them leave their home and live with her in the city. Because of Ben’s ties with his home and pet dog, he escapes his grandmother’s house and heads back to the lighthouse, reluctantly taking his sister with him. Their journey home becomes an adventure full of fairies, selkies, and magic as they hurry to recover a special gift left to Saoirse by their mother. This gift holds the secret to saving the fairies and Saoirse’s life. Besides being full of adventure, this film is full of amazing colors and details. Each frame feels like a painting with intricate designs and shapes. The characters in the film were also spectacular. There were dogs, giants, witches, and fairies; each one with different and interesting personalities. I could definitely see this movie being a family classic that I would watch again and again.


This is a review by JBFC Cinemania Student Critic Andrew Torpie

Andrew*Spoiler Alert – This post reveals a details integral to the plot of the film* Academy award nominated Song of the Sea is a fantasy film based on the Celtic legend of the selkie, and follows a boy and his little sister as they go on a journey through various ancient Celtic legends after discovering that the younger sister (named Saoirse) is a selkie and is able to bring ancient Celtic myths to life. Popular among critics and viewers alike, Song of the Sea was nominated for an Academy Award. The film incorporated a unique and awe-inspiring atmosphere where characters interacted just as you would imagine after reading an ancient Celtic legend, the immersive scenery of the film made you feel as if you were in a dream. It is difficult to determine which age group the film is aimed at, as the film is equally as engaging for adults as it is young children, the mystical plotline combined with the immersive scenery is guaranteed to capture the imaginations of entire families, regardless of gender or age. Viewing Song of the Sea is an experience unlike any other animated film I have ever seen, and it is definitely worth checking out with your entire family.

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