{Cinemania Student Critics} Antarctica in 3D!

On May 20, 2015 by Lori Z

Last week, our Cinemania Student Critics, Andrew and Caleb, went to a screening of Jon Bowermaster’s Antarctica 3D. Read what they had to say about the film and check out a photo from the event, below!

Antarctica 3D, by Andrew Torpie

AndrewJon Bowermaster’s Antarctica 3D: On the Edge is a documentary film that explores the vastness and importance of one of the most intimidating environments on this planet with a 3D camera, a first for the continent. Jon Bowermaster, a National Geographic explorer, does a spectacular job of analyzing how the continent is changing and how the changes affect us humans more than we ever could have thought. The shockingly immersive 3D creates a film experience that can only be described as being the closest you can get to actually visiting Antarctica. In addition, Bowermaster did not use the 3D as a gimmick; he artfully used it in a way that gave the audience a new perception of the beauties of the forbidding continent. Along with the remarkable visual effects, the film score further added to the unique experience the audience had when watching the movie. It put an emphasis on the serene surroundings of the continent,  like when wildlife was shown or when Bowermaster was kayaking through the seemingly untouched water. Antarctica 3D: On the Edge gave life to a continent that is otherwise seen as frigid and lifeless. The film changed my perspective on Antarctica, leaving me with surreal imagery for whenever I think about the continent.

Antarctica 3D, by Caleb Feinstein

CalebMost people have never been to Antarctica but after seeing this film I am sure most of the audience wanted to make plans to go. Jon Bowermaster is an adventurer, filmmaker, has worked for National Geographic, and has been to Antarctica many times. In his film, Antarctica 3D: On the Edge, the viewers are transported to Antarctica, a world with vast amounts of ice, seemingly impenetrable and unchanging. Jon and his team travel by boat, kayak, and land, filming and exploring the stunning icebergs and the coast of Antarctica. Bowermaster not only shows the beauty and wonders of Antarctica, but also the impending dangers that could happen and are happening now. The film also talks about how different types of penguins are disappearing because of the warming climate and melting ice. Climate change is not the only problem. A big risk is that a country could use Antarctica for mining or drilling for oil, which could result in a disaster. Another thing I enjoyed about this experience was the interview with Jon Bowermaster that took place after the film. The interview gave even more detail and interesting experiences of Antarctica and all of Jon’s trips there. Both the film and the interview took the viewer on a truly fantastic adventure to a land where, in the words of Jon Bowermaster, “The loudest sound you hear is your heartbeat” and beauty and mystery are everywhere.

Antarctica(L to R) nature cinematographer Andy Young, JBFC Programmer Karen Sloe Goodman, and filmmaker Jon Bowermaster.

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