May 9, 2013

The Original Norwegian Cruise Line

Exploration! Adventure! Excitement! Danger! – Are all coming to the Burns when we open Kon-Tiki (Academy Award-nominee for Best Foreign Film) on Friday, May 10th. After trying unsuccessfully to convince the world that...

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April 25, 2013

His Name is Mud

If you’re like me, when you hear the name Matthew McConaughey, “serious film actor” is not the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, images of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and The Wedding...

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April 12, 2013
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Beyond The Pines

This weekend we open Ryan Gosling‘s new film The Place Beyond The Pines! This is an ambitious follow-up to the critically praised Blue Valentine. The movie takes place in and around a grey...

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March 29, 2013
Gimme the Loot

Gimme the Scoop

Today, March 29, we are opening Gimme the Loot, a film by former JBFC staff member Adam Leon. Adam came to the JBFC on March 7 for a screening of his film, followed...

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March 28, 2013
Gimme the Loot will screen at Cannes 2012

Notorious Graffiti Artists

JBFC Alumni Adam Leon is coming back to the Burns! Only this time, it’s as a writer and director instead of as a member of our programming staff.  We’ve picked up his debut...

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March 18, 2013
Former leaders of Israel’s Internal Security Service, Shin Bet

Gatekeepers: Israel’s Secret Service

Since it first screened at film festivals in 2012, the Israeli documentary The Gatekeepers has collected many awards including an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary. Director Dror Moreh was able to persuade six...

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March 14, 2013

Just Say No

No, the Oscar-nominated film from Pablo Larrain, is still playing for another week here at the Burns! The setting for No is in Chile during a vote over whether the current president could run...

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March 13, 2013

When Religion and Free Will Are At Odds

You might remember our series “The Best of the 2012 Transylvania International Film Festival” which was featured at our theater back in January. There was one film we really wanted to show during...

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February 8, 2013

Short and Sweet

If you’re like me, every year you watch the Oscars excited to see if your favorite film wins Best Picture or your favorite actor or actress takes home a golden statue, but when...

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January 31, 2013


Tabu, the newest film from Portuguese director Miguel Gomes, follows Gomes’ signature style of films with two parts, but that’s where the similarities to his other works end. Part one of the film...

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January 24, 2013

All About Amour

This is a guest post from JBFC Projectionist Justin LaLiberty. For a filmmaker that has established a career predicated – and now thriving – upon work that is difficult, leisurely paced and –...

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January 18, 2013
BARBARA  Regie Christian Petzold

Seeing Red

Most films about East Berlin and communist Germany that make their way to American screens are from a westerner’s point of view. In the new film Barbara, the latest from German director Christian Petzold, we,...

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December 26, 2012

Almost Famous

Who doesn’t grow up listening to his favorite rock band without dreaming of being a rock ‘n’ roll superstar himself? In David Chase‘s (The Sopranos) feature directorial debut, Not Fade Away, the bands are...

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December 21, 2012
Hyde Park on the Hudson

{Programming Pipeline} Hyde Park on Hudson

In times of economic turmoil, FDR‘s name gets brought up a lot. So it is safe to say that these days no one is unfamiliar with our 32nd president. That fact may make...

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