A Twisted Trailer from Texas

On July 20, 2012 by Sam K

Want to see the controversial film Killer Joe? We’re playing it on the 25th. It’s really not for children. But that’s not all.

After the film, we’re having a Q & A session with the filmmaker, William Friedkin. That’s right, the same guy who brought you classic films like The Exorcist and The French Connection, is going to be in the house! Janet Maslin, book and film critic from the New York Times, will also be in attendance to moderate the discussion. Come see a film you really can’t see in any regular theater – it’s rated NC-17. Stay afterward, and get some insight into the film that you can’t get anywhere else. It’ll be a good time.


You can try to get tickets now, but they’re probably sold out. Most people jump at an opportunity like this.

Not sure yet? Check out the trailer.


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